Handwriting Workshop

Enjoy free handwriting worksheets to use to practice prewriting skills, letter formation, short words, and sentence writing. Our occupational therapists have selected these activities for parents to try at home. One recommendation is to laminate or place your pages in protective slip covers so you can reuse the sheets over and over. Our OTs use a variety of evidenced-based curriculum and approaches with handwriting at Texarkana Therapy Center. For more information or if you would like to schedule a handwriting screening or evaluation please contact us at www.texarkanatherapycenter.com

Prewriting Lines

. Pre-writing skills are essential to development for handwriting! It is what helps children develop fluidity of movement with their hands, increases visual-motor coordination, and much more. In this packet you will get an assortment of animals and rocket ships to practice stokes and lines with!    

Ages 3+

Letter Formation

This package is full of letter A-Z alphabet letters. Practice letter formation with your child following the pattern sequence. Be sure to supervise your child to monitor the grasp and letter formation to prevent bad habits! For Ages 4+. 

Short Word Copy

This package is full of A-Z  short words to practice tracing and copying. This is an important skill for children to associate letters into reading and writing. Enjoy the many animals and characters as you go!

For Ages 5+

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