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Halloween Craft for Littles

Craft by: Becky Cleveland, COTA

We have a fun and simple craft from one of our therapists! This is a fun craft to promote messy play and fine motor skills. The materials and steps are simple! Have fun with fun and spooky craft! Let us know what you think!


White paper

Black paint 

Paper plate

Tooth pick

Googly eyes (2)



  1. Parent dips toothpick into paint and creates spiderweb look, as seen in picture. 

  2. Pour paint into paper plate and help child coat palm of hand (Great for tactile sensory hand play!)

  3. Apply pressure with palm painted hand upside down in center of paper to create spider. 

  4. Glue on googly eyes and create a cute greeting! 

If you are not in therapy and you are wondering if your child may be falling behind with sensory processing or developmental milestones, please try our online screening tool. You will be given a survey of age-appropriate milestones for speech, language, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and sensory processing for children ages 1-6.


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