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Holiday Harvest No Cook Sensory Dough

Updated: Nov 5

Tactile/Sensory Play for Little Hands

Article by: Lindsay Meador, COTA

Tactile sensory play is a great way to regulate your little one’s sensory system while also having fun engaging in those “messy play” activities! Tactile refers to touch and that can include becoming familiar with an array of various textures as well as temperatures. Tactile sensory play can be felt throughout a child’s nervous system most specifically through their skin. It is important to remember that every child is different – some children may be highly sensitive (hypersensitive) while others may show no or very little sensitivity (hypo sensitive) to various tactile input. Some children may prefer drier textures such as a rice/bean tactile bin, while other children may prefer more wet/sticky textures such as slime/water beads. Incorporating tactile and sensory play into part of your child’s everyday routine is a great way to help develop and regulate their sensory system while also having fun getting messy!

Ingredients/Supplies Needed:

• 1 cup flour

• 1/3 cup oats

• ½ cup of pumpkin mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of water

• ¼ cup of oil

• ½ cup of salt

• Cinnamon or other spices (this is optional based on personal preference)

• Corn kernels

• Props for play

◦ Indian corn

◦ Rolling pin

◦ Cookie cutters

◦ Beans

◦ List is endless…

Steps to Create:

1. In bowl add flour, oats, salt, spices, and oil.

2. Warm pumpkin and water in microwave for approx. 30 seconds

3. Add water and pumpkin to bowl and mix

4. Once mixed well, let the messy play begin!

This is a simple recipe and should come out very soft, pliable, and easy for little hands to manipulate. The corn, oats, beans, and other additions offer a great contrast in texture to the softer dough! This is a great way to have fun with you little ones and get in the Thanksgiving spirit all while regulating your little one’s sensory system!

Recipe by: Lindsay Coulter, COTA

If you are not in therapy and you are wondering if your child may be falling behind with sensory processing or developmental milestones, please try our online screening tool. You will be given a survey of age-appropriate milestones for speech, language, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and sensory processing for children ages 1-6.


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