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Moon Sand Recipe

We love this recipe for soft textured sand! It is simple and great for touch input to the hands. Plus you can add scents like lavender to move the play experience more calming for your children.


· 8 cups all-purpose flour

· 1 cup baby oil

· Container with lid

· Optional: cookie cutters, cups, small toys


1. Place flour and baby oil in large bowl.

2. Mix it together, it will take a little bit to get it all mixed good.

3. Put in a container (a large container with lid is best).

4. Have fun! This is a very messy activity so outdoor play with the tub is great for Spring and Summer. I would recommend putting a trash bag or mat under container during play if inside.

5. Can use cups to make sand castles and cutters for different shapes.

Optional: Can add a scented oil (lavender for calming) (peppermint for alerting or for themed Christmas moon sand)

Can add tempera powdered paint to change the color or add sprinkles/glitter to change it up.

Recipe and Article by: Kylie Hinton

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