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Red-flags for Sensory Processing Overload

Updated: Apr 22

We all take in information from our environment to determine how we make sense of the world around us. Sensory experiences affect our behaviors, emotional outcomes, muscle tone and coordination, social behaviors, energy levels, attention and more. This is why sensory processing is so key to a child's development. Below we discuss some of the possible "Red Flags" for Sensory Processing Overload and Dysregulation.

  • Appears to have higher activity levels- may be hyperactive or inattentive

  • Easily distressed and has rapid or shallow breathing patterns

  • Difficulty maintaining attention to tasks, easily distracted, or confused

  • May frequently feel nauseous and/or vomit

  • Covers ears to load sounds

  • Avoids being touched

  • Frequent meltdowns at meal time

  • Overly sensitive to clothing and tags

  • Bath time, tooth-brushing, and/or hair care trigger meltdowns

  • Frequent meltdowns and irritable behaviors

  • Becomes distressed with sudden transitions from routines

  • Decreased or Increased Muscle Tone

  • Poor energy levels: may appear to sluggish/drowsy

  • Overreactive arousal: at times hyperactive or has insomnia at bedtime

There are many ways to combat Sensory Processing Issues, an occupational therapist may work with your family by using Sensory Diets and/or Sensory Integration strategies to help your child develop better and healthier responses. Check out our DIY section for crafts to try at home that help soothe sensory experiences.

Article by: Tara Pearson, COTA, ADHD-RSP

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