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Speech and Language of the 18-Month Old

Updated: Apr 17

At age 18 months, your child...

Uses 10-20 different words

Practices words and word combinations

Has a play routine

Can point or gesture to show something they want

Brings a familiar object from another room when asked

Recognizes their own body parts (points to nose, toes, etc)

Uses descriptive words to make their wants known

Are more precise with their words and sounds

Can combine 2 words to begin describing an action with person or thing ("momma bye bye")

You can stimulate your child's speech by...

Having conversations about various topics with your child (gardening, toys, play, schools, etc.)

Describe how you are feeling and what you are doing with your child

Have them listen to children's music and audio-books

Make eye contact with your child when he or she speaks

Talk slowly and clearly to your child

Find ways to make conversations fun and exciting for your child

If you have concerns about your child meeting their speech and language milestones, we highly recommend speaking to your pediatrician. Our Speech Language Pathologists will then conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess speech and language skills.

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