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What is Dysgraphia?

Updated: May 15

Article by: Tara Pearson, COTA/L, ADHD-RSP

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects an individuals ability to write coherently, legibly, and comprehensively. Signs of a potential Dysgraphia diagnosis may first become apparent with poor spelling, difficulty putting thoughts onto paper, poor legibility with penmanship, or irregular writing patterns.

Occupational therapy can help your child with a variety of support strategies. Your OT may assist with strengthening fine motor skills as it relates to handwriting, provide practical strategies for the classroom, recommend academic workload management, improve visual perceptional skills, and develop executive function skills.

Possible OT Suggestions for a Child with Dysgraphia

Classroom Management

Provide additional support for grammar and sentence structure

Recommend an assistive technology device such as a recorder

Break down complex assignments into smaller steps for better comprehension


Provide sensory strategies to combat fatigue

Provide cognitive training to improve attention and executive functions

Give practical strategies for keeping track of racing thoughts

Fine Motor

Address handwriting difficulties such as spacing, legibility, sizing, and formation

Strengthen in-hand manipulation for pencil grip and coordination


May provide visual supports for your child to maintain routines

A visual checklist to break down proof reading process

Provide a "key word" vocabulary list

Teach your child about creating a story map

If your child is struggling with any of these listed areas we highly encourage you to speak with your pediatrician or diagnostician. Upon referral, Texarkana Therapy Center would be happy to provide your family with a comprehensive evaluation for occupational or speech therapy.

Article by: Tara Pearson, COTA, ADHD-RSP

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